Välj en sida

I do like to run, but having a hard time to prioritizing time for my self, for running, yoga and other things I need to do, I like when I’m doing it and afterwords are much more happier and nicer person to deal with. But I often got stuck here, with, or rather on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Always something needed to be done.

This morning I started my day to get out and run. And its so perfect. I don´t have to take the car to the gym or studio in the city. Just open the door and get out. Today it was drizzling and the temperature around zero – perfect for a run.

My dog Tella love to come with me and I really enjoy having her by me side.

For me it almost necessary to have music in my ears when I’m running. Right now, or for a quite long time I running to my Spotify list Springa 2 http://bit.ly/1cJSoIy